OPEN’s capacity-building team is led by Nancy Waite and co-led by Beth Sproule.

Members: Zubin Austin, Jonathan Blay, Lisa Dolovich, Sherilyn Houle, Linda MacKeigan, Nicole Mittmann

capacity building traineesOur capacity-building team is enhancing training in pharmacy practice and health services research by giving students an opportunity to study the quality, outcomes and value of Ontario pharmacist-led medication management services. We are providing trainees at all levels of university study a broad variety of individual and collaborative experiential and applied-learning opportunities.

Student training focuses on developing health service research knowledge and skills that complement material provided by their respective institution’s programs while supporting OPEN’s research objectives.

Importantly, we give students an opportunity to learn from and network with knowledge users, our diverse team of researchers and other OPEN students. By combining research and practical learning opportunities, our trainees help to generate new research knowledge and, equally important, to see how that knowledge is applied, used and adopted.

OPEN students and trainees

Our students and trainees span all levels of study — from undergraduates on co-operative education placements and those completing work-study and independent study projects to graduate students, pharmacy students on research rotations and pharmacists in residency.

Click the tabs below to see how many current and previous students have participated on OPEN projects, and the total who have received training since OPEN’s launch in 2013.

3 co-op students, 0 independent study students, 4 work-study students, 1 undergrad RA, 0 graduate RAs, 4 master’s students, 2 PhD students, 6 PharmD research rotation students, 1 pharmacy resident, 1 MD student, 1 volunteer
15 co-op students, 2 independent study students, 2 work-study students, 0 undergrad RA, 1 graduate RA, 0 master’s students, 0 PhD student, 16 PharmD research rotation students, 2 pharmacy residents, 1 MD student, 0 volunteers
18 co-op students, 2 independent study students, 6 work-study students, 1 undergrad RA, 1 graduate RA, 4 master’s students, 2 PhD students, 22 PharmD research rotation students, 3 pharmacy residents, 2 MD students, 1 volunteer
Training program components

1. Conducting research: Each student participates in at least one of OPEN’s research projects or on one of our cross-cutting theme teams.

2. Online modules: Students are introduced to foundational concepts in pharmacy health services research. Module topics include an introduction to OPEN, an introduction to the healthcare system, gender-related issues and vulnerable populations, and knowledge translation and exchange. Optional modules will be developed based on participant needs.

3. Pharmacy practice research trainee symposium: In October 2014, trainees were invited to attend and participate in our first symposium — the 2014 OPEN Summit, a two-day event that featured plenary sessions and oral and poster presentations on OPEN’s research to date. Trainees will be invited to attend and participate in the second OPEN Summit in 2016.

4. Webinar rounds: Trainees can participate in facilitated online presentations and discussion sessions that focus on relevant healthcare policy and research issues. The OPEN webinars series cover both what we are currently doing in pharmacy practice and medication management research as well as what we should or could be doing.

Announcements about upcoming webinars will be made available through OPEN Up, our periodic e-newsletter.

5. Future opportunities: In the fall of 2014 all OPEN members had the chance to participate in a survey that collected information on the capacity-building program. Analysis of  survey’s results, along with data collected from the learning management system housing OPEN’s online modules, a student focus group session and a number of trainees who have or are participating in the program, will be used to determine future learning programs. More information about these programs announced through OPEN’s e-newsletter.

If you would like to learn more about training opportunities with OPEN please contact us.

Recent presentations

75th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences • Dusseldorf, Germany • Sep 29–Oct 3, 2015

  • Expanding pharmacy practice research capacity in Canada: The making of a stakeholder-engaged, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary collaboration (poster)
    MacKeigan L, Dolovich L, Waite N, Marshall S

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting • National Harbor, MD • Jul 11–15, 2015

  • Building pharmacy practice research skills in a large research collaborative: Reflections at the halfway point (poster)
    Waite N, Jennings B, Sproule B, Dolovich L, Houle S, MacKeigan L, Austin Z, Blay J, Wenger LM

Ontario Pharmacy Association’s 2014 Conference • Leading Practice Evolution • Toronto, ON • Jun 19–21, 2014

  • The OPEN study: An overview (oral)
    Dolovich L