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Since its implementation in September 2011, the Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program has used community pharmacists as part of an integrated team to support individual Ontarians in their quest to quit smoking.

Please note: The second phase of this project, which examines an additional two years of healthcare use data, is in progress.

Research questions

ahrq smoking cessationGiven that these services have not undergone formal evaluation since their inception, this applied health research question was posed to answering the following questions:

  1. What is the number of services delivered in each Local Health Integration Network?
  2. What are the characteristics of patients who use smoking cessation services, such as age, sex, chronic health conditions, past and new use of smoking cessation medications, and past and concurrent use of other enhanced scope of practice pharmacy services (e.g., MedsCheck, Pharmaceutical Opinion Program)?
  3. What is the proportion of patients who receive smoking cessation follow-up services after the initial readiness assessment?

These questions were answered by analyzing healthcare use data, after which a summative report on the findings was prepared.

Submitter: Nedzad Pojskic, Manager, Health Policy
Ontario Pharmacists Association

Project lead: Suzanne Cadarette

For more information about this applied health research question, please contact Susan Dimitry, AHRQ administrator.

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Publications and presentations

Canadian Pharmacists Journal smoking cessation paperFindings from this applied health research question have been published in Canadian Pharmacists Journal

Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research • Convergence of Health Policy and Evidence
Bridge Over Troubled Water • Toronto, ON • May 12–15, 2014

  • Uptake of the Ontario Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program, 2011–2013 (oral)
    Wong, L

Presentation to knowledge users

  • Suzanne Cadarette gave a presentation about OPEN and the results of the pharmacy smoking-cessation study at the Essex County Pharmacists Association Annual General Meeting (January 15, 2015)