Status: This project is in progress

This project’s overall objectives are to —

  1. Determine the feasibility of incorporating community pharmacists into the Community Health Links models of care program (see video below).
  2. Identify possible best practices for community pharmacist involvement in the multidimensional Health Links models of care for complex patients.
Research questions

AHRQ incorporating comm pharm health linksThe research questions to be addressed are as follows —

  1. What appropriate indicators, resources and algorithms can pharmacies use to identify high-needs patients?
  2. What are best-practice recommendations for implementing medication-management services within Health Links based on this feasibility study?

a) What are best practices for patient contact, communicating with Health Links providers, and documenting, reporting on and tracking services provided?

  1. What are the outcomes of the medication-management services delivered in the model studied?

a) What percentage of eligible patients do the community pharmacists identify?

b) Of the number of patients identified to receive medication-management services, how many received these services and which services did they receive?

These questions will be answered by —

  • Developing a partnership with an existing Health Links
  • Qualitative interviews with community pharmacists
  • Identifying and developing a mechanism to recognize complex patients and to generate likely communication pathways for patients, pharmacists and other Health Links partners
  • Developing a training program for pharmacists
  • Ongoing involvement of the Ontario Pharmacists Association to discuss the identification and implementation of strategies

The activities will be guided by a developmental evaluation process that involves iterative evaluation of guidelines and algorithms before, during and after implementation.

Submitter: Nedzad Pojskic, Pharmacy Strategy Leader, Green Shield Canada

Project lead: Nicole Mittmann, Sunnybrook Research Institute

For more information about this applied health research question, please contact Susan Dimitry, AHRQ administrator.

What is Health Links?

Community Health Links provide coordinated, efficient and effective care to patients with complex needs