OPEN’s knowledge users are Ontario and Canadian organizations that seek research evidence to inform planning, the provision of services, and policy and program development in the health and healthcare system.

OPEN’s knowledge users

Knowledge users are partners in our research program, supporting a strong evidence-based foundation for innovation and decision-making. They provide advice on research methods and implementation, the transferability of findings, policy and program planning implications of research findings, and implementation strategies to disseminate results. Knowledge user participation is critical in ensuring the research we conduct is put into practice, thereby improving health and the healthcare system for Ontarians.


Can my organization become a user of OPEN’s knowledge?

Organizations that benefit medication management practice and policy and the broader healthcare system are welcome to submit an expression of interest to become an OPEN knowledge user.

If your organization would like to become an official knowledge user, please send a request including a brief description of the following:

  • The organization, its mandate and objectives and priorities
  • How the organization influences medication management policy and practice in community settings through its organizational structure, membership and/or implementation processes
  • How the organization will help translate the findings from OPEN to benefit the broader healthcare system

OPEN’s Executive Committee reviews all requests from potential knowledge users.