immunizationWith recent expansions to scope of practice that have allowed Canadian pharmacists to play a larger role in administering influenza vaccinations to the public, it is important they meet Canadian guidelines recommending that 80% of healthcare professionals and 100% of vaccinators get an annual flu shot.

To find out if Ontario’s community pharmacists had received the influenza vaccination themselves during the 2013–14 flu season, OPEN’s pharmacists-as-immunizers team conducted an anonymous, online survey.

The team found that 7 out of 10 Ontario community pharmacists had received the influenza vaccine.

Those that can give a shot, get a shot

protecting our patients by protecting ourselves paperInterestingly, pharmacists who were certified to immunize patients were nearly three times more likely to have received the influenza vaccine than those who were not.

No other factors the team investigated predicted the likelihood of pharmacists being vaccinated.

Having 70% of Ontario community pharmacists immunized against the flu is accomplishment our healthcare profession can be proud of. But it’s also an opportunity to improve our vaccination rates.

OPEN is encouraging all community pharmacists to receive the influenza vaccine. It’ll protect the public and you against the flu!

Journal publication

Ziegler B, Alsabbagh W, Houle S, Wenger L, Church D, Waite N. Protecting our patients by protecting ourselves: An analysis of the personal influenza immunization rate of Ontario community pharmacists. Can Pharm J, 2016; 149(4):246–55.

The journal article features a comic that summarizes the team’s findings. Please share it with your colleagues, coworkers and friends.

The comic is also available as a PDF document you can print and distribute.
Ontatio community pharmacist self immunization rate